5 Minutes Myofascial Release Technique

Often, in my praxis I work with clients who have had chronic pain for years and have tried Western medicine as well as Holistic modalities to ease their discomfort. It is incredible how Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)  can change people’s lives. My clients experience the benefits of this powerful modality and the positive changes in their daily lives. Sustained pressure, up to five minutes, into the fascia is  the key element in this therapy.  University of Arizona in Phoenix is currently doing research on the effects  of sustained pressure of three to five minutes into the soft tissue. Their findings very much coincide with my personal experience as a therapist as well as a client. After three minutes of performing a technique the tissue starts to release, soften and unwind. It also activates the anti-inflammatory process and white blood cell formation which has tremendous significance on the healing process. Clients describe a sensation of butter melting or increased blood flow in the area being worked which is followed by the ease of discomfort.

Another, key component of Myofascial Therapy is the client engagement and awareness during the session. MFR therapy requires  the client to stay in his/her body and to communicate with the therapist regarding his/her experience. I find that encouraging clients to do mindful breathing and focusing on the area being worked allows for deeper releases. Feeling fascial releases, as a client, can be a thrilling experience. During MFR people become more body aware and learn about the amazing healing abilities of their bodies!

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