Meditation and Health

Meditation has been long said to be very beneficial, especially for stress reduction. Unfortunately, stress has become a normal part of our lives. Everybody seems to be stressed, all the time. This is very bad for our health.  According to Web MD,  75-90% of visits to the doctor are stress related.  Stress is major factor in symptoms such as headaches, heart problems, anxiety and depression just to name a few. When we find ourselves in a stressful situation our bodies go into a Fight or Flight response. If we are constantly stressed we stay in this intense state of being which wears tremendously on our bodies. Please see below a great illustration on how Fight or Flight Response affects our bodies. Click here to see full article and this illustration on the American Institute of Stress website. body_fight_flight2 What can we do to reduce stress? One possibility is to take time each day to meditate. Numerous studies have been conducted and confirmed the enormous benefits of meditation. According to an article on National Center for Complementary Integrative Health  website there is evidence that meditation can reduce blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, insomnia, STRESS and PAIN. Lots of people imagine meditation as sitting still in silence, but there are many ways to meditate. The article on describes eleven activities that can be meditative, but don’t require you to sit still. Click here to read the article on meditation. In the last few years I have adopted the practice of meditation. Sometimes, it involves sitting still, sometimes taking mindful walks and other times reading and contemplation. Myofascial Release sessions can also be very meditative to me. When I receive bodywork, I focus on being in the present moment, breathing and feeling my body. Experiment with different types of meditation to find what suits you best. Consider meditating while you are receiving massage or Myofascial Release Therapy. It is very powerful to be in the present moment and could propel your well-being to new heights!