Optimism and Health

Today, I would like to talk about attitude and health. Studies confirm that attitude plays a huge role in our health and longevity. In the book “You are the placebo”, the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza lists several studies that have discovered how much impact an optimistic outlook has on our health. For example, in 2002 Mayo Clinic published a study which demonstrated that optimists live healthier lives both physically and mentally. Another study showed that optimists live on average seven years longer than pessimists. Being optimistic means simply, believing the best possible scenario. The body-mind connection is REAL!

According to the article “A simple exercise to boost optimism” in Psychology Today (see link below)  75% of optimism is determined by the individual’s efforts and the environment. This being said, we have a tremendous opportunity to control our optimism and to improve our lives for the better. There are a lot of ways to boost your optimism. The attached article focuses on visualizations.

In my Myofascial Release practice clients who are optimistic about their health get better faster and maintain a higher level of well-being. The body-mind connection is undeniable and how we use our mind, our thoughts is directly reflected in our bodies.  Today, I choose to think positive thoughts, to meditate and to find something good in every situation. I have to mention that I get bodywork twice a month and do self-care several times a week. The result, I am healthier than I ever been in my life. The combination of bodywork and optimistic outlook is the magic formula for my well-being!

Thank you for reading! Warmly, Elena

Click here to Psychology Today article