PAIN – Pay Attention Inward Now

This is a great definition of PAIN by Iyanla Vanzant. Whenever, I experience physical pain the first thing I do is look at what is going on in my life at that moment. Nine out of ten times I have been stressing out about something and neglecting my body. Pain is an alarm system of the body to let us know that something is out of harmony. By causing pain our bodies want us to take notice and take action to address the imbalance. Our bodies are meant to be healthy and vibrant. But, too often we ignore the body, push through and don’t do anything to keep it healthy. Once, I have tuned into my body I usually know what to do. Sometimes, it maybe as little as taking a long bath, do yoga/selfcare or meditate. Sometimes, a visit to the doctor is necessary to address the imbalance. Whatever your body is trying to tell you it is wise to listen and address the issue as soon as possible to avoid any further discomfort! pain2