Piriformis Syndrom – or Sciatic Nerve Pain

One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is about sciatica. They describe pain in the buttocks area that is often referred further down the leg. This inhibits their life and daily activities including sitting down. According to Myo Clinic  sciatica is usually caused by a herniated disc or a bone spur that compress the nerve. Myofascial Release  Therapy looks at the body in terms of fascia. The discs often get herniated, because of the tremendous pressure imposed on them by fascial restrictions. These restrictions can originate from a single major trauma, repetitive motion injury or long-term bad posture. In Myofascial Release Therapy the approach is to free up these tight restrictions which then will allow the body to go back to it original range of motion and functionality. Because fascia is an all encompassing system of the body the restrictions can be located anywhere. Yet, often times, I find lots of tightness in the buttocks area,  the IT band and the tensor fasciae latae muscle. In this therapy I work with the body, waiting for it to release, sometimes spending up to 5 minutes performing one techniques. This approach releases deep seated restrictions. Further, I recommend self-care techniques to my clients, such as using a 4inch ball to continue releasing tight areas. Check out this cool video showing how tight piriformis muscle can cause sciatica.