Holiday season can be a lot of fun, but it also can be quite stressful and taxing on our bodies. Here are a few tips on self-care during this time of the year and beyond.

1. Sleep

Sleep is essential for our bodies. During the sleep cycle our body works on muscle tissue and organ repairs as well as produces hormones that help strengthen our immune system. Sleep is also extremely important for our brains as it affects “brain plasticity”. If we don’t get enough sleep we become unable to process and remember any new information for the future. Further, the lack sleep poses a health risk, compromises immunity and heightens the potential for illness and infections. Likelihood of depression, seizures and as well as high blood pressure are also increased. *

Most adults will need between seven and nine hours of sleep.* Try to avoid electronic devices right before going to sleep. Instead consider a short mediation in bed, listen to calming music or snuggle up with your loved ones. 

2. Yoga

Many of us feel stiff when we first roll out of bed. Yoga can help! Even if you are not a regular yoga practitioner you can integrate some stretching into your morning routine to warm up the body and help you feel limber. 

Think about moving your spine in all six directions. That means: do side stretches on both sides, fold forward (stretch legs at the same time), open up your chest by doing a standing backbend (interlace hands behind your back and look slightly upward), twist to the right and left (allow your pelvis to twist with you). Just these simple stretches will leave you feeling energized and ready for your day. If you like to learn more about yoga click here. If you like to schedule a private session please contact me at (530) 921 1915

3. Self-care tools

Self-care tools can be a life saver! Depending on your needs there are a lot of self-care tools at your disposal. Here are a few I think are amazing that I recommend to my clients based on their bodies. After a long day at work and taking care of a family your body might be sore and stiff. Try using a four inch ball to roll out your gluteus and lower back (always avoid bones). Or if you neck is tight consider using a cranio-cradle. This will help release your neck muscles and offers an opportunity for a short meditation. If your feet are bothering you, experiment with rolling them with a smaller and a bit denser ball. If you like to learn more about self-care tools call me to schedule a private session at (530) 921 1915. Click here to see my favorite self-care tools.

By establishing a good sleep routine, practicing yoga/stretching and utilizing self-care tools you can feel healthy, strong and energized this holiday season!

Thank you for reading! In health, Elena Diaz, MFR Therapist, RYT200 Yoga Instructor