Synergistic Therapies

There are several synergistic therapies that can propel your healing when combined with Myofascial Release Therapy. Here are a few resources to consider!


Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years in China. In  early 1970s Acupuncture has finally reached the West. This therapy is based on the premises that life force (or chi) runs through our bodies and if there are blocks or imbalances in the chi an illness will arise. Acupuncture works of opening up these blocks by inserting very thin needles into the skin at specific points on the body. In my personal experience, I found Acupuncture to be another powerful tool, next to Myofascial Release, in reducing pain and inflammation. I also have seen clients improve quicker when combining Myofascial Release therapy with Acupuncture treatments.

Luckily, we have several great Acupuncturists in Redding! Linda Ragan, L.Ac (530) 244-3194) and Erica Shepard, MAcOM, L.Ac offer one-on-one sessions and individual treatment rooms where you can relax and reap the benefits of this therapy! 

Flow Community Acupuncture offers affordable and effective acupuncture treatments. In this setting multiple patients share a space where they receive treatment. JP O’Hara, LAc, Dipl. OM is very knowledgable and attentive to his patients. Listening to the needs of their patients they are able to provide a great service at an amazing price. They offer very affordable fees at a sliding scale of $25-$40 per treatment.

Yoga as Therapy

You have probably heard by now that there are many benefits to practicing Yoga. According to an article in Yoga Journal there are 38 heath benefits of Yoga. Just to name a few:

● Yoga improves your posture and flexibility.

●  Yoga helps focus attention, calming your mind helping you stay in the present moment and let go of worries.

● Yoga can ease pain. According to several studies people with chronic conditions were able to alleviate pain with yoga in    combination with mediation.

In 2017, I completed a 200h Yoga training in Costa Rica. Since then, I have been training with multiple amazing teachers including Judith Hanson Lasater and Mary Richards.  I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor and currently only offer private Yoga lessons. If you are new to Yoga, a few private lessons can get you started on the right path for your body. If you like to schedule a private session with me, contact me at (530) 921 1915

If you like to practice in a public group setting I recommend Balance Yoga studio. There are lots of different yoga styles to choose from. Gentle yoga is a great way to start and to support your healing journey. Balance Yoga Center offers different levels of yoga from gentle to advanced. 


In this busy world we live in, unfortunately, stress has become a normal part of our lives. Everybody seems to be stressed, all the time. This is very bad for our health.  According to Web MD,  75-90% of visits to the doctor are stress related.  Stress is major factor in symptoms such as headaches, heart problems, anxiety and depression just to name a few. Meditation has been long said to be very beneficial, especially for stress reduction. There are lots of studies that show meditation can reduce stress and even alleviate pain.

There are a few places in town that offer guided meditation classes. Balance Yoga studio offer multiple yoga and meditation classes. Further, you can find weekly mediations groups at the  Center for Spiritual Living.


Chiropractic adjustments can be very beneficial in combination with Myfoascial Release Therapy. I found it is best to get an adjustment right after a bodywork session. At that time fascia and muscles are loosened up which allows the Chiropractor to adjust the joints easily and the adjustment seems to hold much longer. If you need an adjustment independent from a session. There are so many good Chiropractors in Redding.

My personal preference is with Peery Family Chiropractic at (530) 605-3701