The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in February 2016, on the “Effect of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Usual Care on Back Pain and Functional Limitations in Adults With Chronic Low Back Pain, A Randomized Clinical Trial” that highlighted the importance and effectiveness of yoga and meditation for managing chronic low back pain.

The clinical trial was conducted randomized, interviewer-blind in an integrated health care system in Washington State consisting of 342 adults aged 20 to 70 years with chronic low back pain. The participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups, MBSR (training in mindfulness meditation and yoga), CBT (training to change pain-related thoughts and behaviors) or usual care for chronic low back pain.

The results were quite amazing. Participants in groups MBSR (yoga and mediations) and CBT experienced significant improvements in their conditions at 26 weeks compared to the traditional care group. The study concluded that yoga and meditation may be a valuable alternative for treatment of chronic low back pain.

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Intersted in trying yoga?

There are more and more studies that are coming out confirming the power of yoga and meditation. For us, who have been practicing yoga for a while, it all makes complete sense. Yoga nurtures my body and calms my “monkey” mind down. It has far reaching benefits throughout my life!

If you are considering trying yoga, please go to a beginner class or better yet, schedule a couple of private sessions with a knowledgeable yoga teacher. As the popularity of yoga grows, so do the yoga injuries. It is important to practice with care, gentleness, mindfulness and go slow, especially in the beginning. If you follow these guidelines and always listen to your body, you will find yoga to be a positive powerful force in your life!

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In gratitude, Elena Diaz RYT-200

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